On The Other Hand - vÄäristymä

by vÄäristymä



1. Alkupisteisiin sidottu - A moss forest in the summer time with early morning fog rising from the ground is the inspiration for this rigorous minimalistic and unrelenting "sameness" variation.
2. Koteloituminen - Detuned circus music together with a strange, syncopated beat infuriate the listener so much that to listen to it with a very focused attention span is to find out possibly where it all leads to.
3. Paramatman - Roaring radio transmission together with “psychedelic cheep” makes one's mind fly to a world where old fashioned tube radios and monochrome TV's are doing their best to unbalance the victim's mental stability.
4. Toinen naiivius - A simple circulating loop pounds forever: This numbs the listener and further tries to frustrate their attention.
5. Zoroaster - In this bombastic piece of music, uncertain buzzing, tight sounds repeat themselves invariably like steps and gradually creates a quasi fear in the listener for the entire two and half minutes it lasts.
6. Erä - In this clicking piece of “techno noise”, a cold and snowy winter in the north is combined with a hectic citylife creating a psychedelic and abstract experimental soundscape.

Janne Liimatainen and Jarko Hedenius, two brothers from Helsinki, Finland, began creating music with computers in 1992. Within a few years, the computers gave way to the raw and primitive world of analogue gear. When some experimental, self-made sound-sustaining structures were added, the music began to evolve into a more unexpected and exploratory direction and vÄäristymä was born. The music was created without synchronization, without any kind of metronomic coordination, and recorded exclusively in one take. During the group’s first ten years, a lot of music was made but never published. The archived songs had to wait for the last few years when vÄäristymä started to use their archives to produce music videos with the same uncompromising spirit with which the music was originally created. Today, vÄäristymä's works can be heard and seen on many different labels including Innocent Hands Recordings.


released January 17, 2013

Track notes by the Duo.
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